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Ben Fordham Has A Strong Message For All Men To Hear

This morning on the TODAY Show, Ben Fordham angled up front-on to the camera to deliver a message to all men, off the back of an article in The Australian, addressing the belief that it’s ‘okay’ for Muslim men to hit their disobedient wives ‘with a short stick’, ‘or as a ‘last resort’.

‘Let’s be crystal clear here, it is never okay to hit your wife, never. That’s assault, it’s illegal, it’s wrong.’

‘If you hit a woman, you are a coward.’

‘It is not okay to hit a woman with a short stick, or occasionally, or softly, or any other way you want to spin it.’

He was sure to explain that these extreme views on obedience were not followed by all men who followed the Islamic faith, but felt that it was an important message to all men.

Onya, Ben!

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