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BREAKING: Australian Soccer Broadcaster Les Murray Has Died

Football icon and Australian sports journalist, Les Murray, has passed away aged 71 after a long battle with illness.

Les was an Australian sports journalist, soccer broadcaster and analyst.

Before retiring in July 2014, he was the host of The World Game on SBS television.

A prominent figure in the sporting community, Les, was induction into the Football Federation of Australia Hall Of Fame.

Murray was born in Hungary in 1945, arriving in Australia as a refugee as a child.

Murray - known as Mr Football for his advocacy of the sport - became the face of soccer coverage at SBS.

He was present at the outset of the National Soccer League and presented several World Cups as the sport transitioned into the A-League era.

SBS managing director Michael Ebeid paid tribute on Monday, saying "no one better embodied what SBS represents than Les Murray".


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