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Did This TODAY Show Host Just Give Away $20,000 By Accident?

The TODAY Show run an awesome competition each morning in conjunction with The Block.

Basically, there’s a $10,000 cash prize that goes up every day in $10K lots until someone answers the phone saying “I wake up with TODAY!”

Today, when the hosts dialled Cheryl from Tweed Heads, host Natalia Cooper couldn’t stand the silence when she picked up just in time after the fourth ring and said “talk Cheryl!” after a long silence.

You can see Lisa wagging her pen in Natalia’s direction as the shot pans out and shows Natalia with her hand covering her mouth, looking very embarrassed.

The Daily Mail report seeing Lisa shaking her head subtly at Natalie, while Richard Wilkins is said to have held up his hands in an attempt to stop her from talking.

Cheryl then said, “I wake up with TODAY”, prompting applause.


Source: Daily Mail

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