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Incredible News For Lisa Curry Since Leaving The Jungle

We're down to the final five and the end of I'm A Celeb is near. 

It took just minutes after her 'rock and mentor' Lisa Curry was evicted before Nat Bassingthwaighte was in tears.

It was prompted by Steve Price reminding the contestants that the final five all get to have family members meet them in the jungle as soon as they exit. 

What they didn't know was Lisa also had a family member - her fiance, Elvis impersonator Mark - meet her in the treehouse. 

And he had news. 

Lisa often said she couldn't get married until she had the three D's.

A dress, a date and a divorce.

Well one of the three came true while she was in the Jungle. 

Lisa is officially divorced and the main roadblock to her walking down the aisle has been lifted! 

The former swimmer was able to yell down to the remaining campmates  and introduce them (at least through voice) to Mark. 

We can't wait to hear more about her wedding plans - she's already got Casey onboard to sing! 

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