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Is This The Most TERRIFYING I'm A Celebrity Trial Yet?!

The brains behind the bush tucker trials on this year's I'm A Celebrity are either straight-up geniuses or seriously messed up; they've brought back last year's TERRIFYING Viper Room trial, but have forced two contestants to endure the horrifying ordeal this time around.

Ash Pollard and Tziporah Malkah (Kate Fischer) were the two unlucky celebs voted in to be, for all intents and purposes, buried alive in a pit FILLED with snakes and, we're calling it, they're the bravest people on TV.

The duo had to crawl underground before lying down, side by side, as the crew locked and bolted the box; just moments later, water poured into the tiny space along with close to 100 snakes - including one ENORMOUS python.

Despite Ash, an ex-My Kitchen Rules contestant, teetering on a panic attack for most of the trial, she somehow managed to survive TWELVE MINUTES in the torturous set-up, tightly gripping Tziporah's hand throughout.

The 30-year-old even refused to say those get-out-of-jail-free words as that hefty python pressed against her throat - despite host Dr Chris Brown warning her to yell out if it got too much.

BUT they both stuck it out, meaning 12 stars and 12 much-needed meals for the increasingly snipey, cranky, bickering campmates.

To be honest, we'd do some pretty ridiculous things if it meant Tziporah, Tom Arnold and Steve Price would argue a little less.

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