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Ksubi Founder Sets Up GoFundMe Page After Paris Fall

Here’s one to go down in the WTF history books.

Ksubi founder Dan Single has been labelled “pathetic” for setting up a GoFundMe page to help cover the cost of his medical bills.

The 36-year-old fell 35-metres from a Paris balcony and shattered bones ranging from his feet to his pelvis.

"I have been in a coma for two weeks, had eight operations and am covered in pins and bolts in my bones," Dan said on his page.

The fashion designer, who was once worth an estimated $21 million, was received by a not so giving crowd. 

“How come you can fund partying, drinking and overseas trips but not your own recovery?” said one anonymous donor. 

Donor Louise Angus gave $5 with this added sass: “You should realise however that you project the image of a very immature man. You won’t be “given” $250k; it seems self-delusional, greedy and grasping.”

The GoFundMe page has since been removed...

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