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My Kitchen Rules Contestant Tully's Devastating Revelation

Some of the home cooks on My Kitchen Rules are not swearing at each other.

This year, Queensland mother-to-be Tully has revealed her mother has sadly passed away after battling cancer.

‘My mum died when I was younger,’ the 30-year-old shares.

‘She died of melanoma when I was about 11 years old. It was sad, but I’ve had a lot of really good family support growing up, and I’ve had every opportunity. I’m very lucky really.’

The revelation comes just a couple of weeks after it came to light Mark, 32, was forced to fend for his family while growing up as his father fell ill.

‘My dad was working two jobs and working 16 hours a day,’ he says. ‘One day he woke up and his nervous system had shut down.

‘I had to step up, and whatever I earned had to go towards paying bills and stuff.’

My Kitchen Rules continues Sunday night at 7:00PM on Seven.

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