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Nadia From Married At First Sight Issued A STARK Warning

Married At First Sight wife Nadia Stamp has been warned about her relationship with Anthony Manton, after she decided to stay with him on last night's show.

During the show, she has been called ‘frigid’ and 'flat chested' by her racing broadcaster husband but that didn’t stop her from deciding to continue dating the series villain.

Leading psychologist Philipa Thornton has told NewsCorp that based on the footage she has seen, the dynamic between Manton and Stamp raised concerns as they mirrored 'classic characteristics of emotional abuse'.

During the show, Manton said of Nadia that ‘“We’re in it together. I’m just trying to drive this ship and as far as I’m concerned Nadia is mine.’

Thornton said the dominant language used by Manton ‘“harks back to the old fashioned notion of marriage and property from the 19th and early 20th century when a wife was seen as ‘property’. It’s an unfortunate comment because there can only be one person in the driver’s seat,” adding “modern marriages demand equality.”

The comment, however, did raise alarm bells for Nadia as she replied ‘wow, no you cannot say that.’ I’m an independent woman. I am my own entity. You’re you. I am me.”

However, she ignored her doubts and continued to stay in the relationship and Thornton sees it as ‘self esteem issues that might not be an easy thing to hear and it could be quite damaging.’

Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30PM on Nine.

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