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New Evidence Reveals Who ‘Jack The Ripper’ Really Was

The real identity of Jack The Ripper remains one of the biggest mysteries in history and now, the diary of a James Maybrick may have just confirmed his real name.

The diary surfaced 25 years ago, however, experts questioned its authenticity.

Maybrick, who was a cotton merchant, confessed to the murders of six women in London and Manchester.

The creepy diary reads: “I give my name that all know of me, so history do tell, what love can do to a gentleman born. Yours Truly, Jack The Ripper.”

Researchers have claimed to find evidence that the book is genuine and was brought forward by a man named Mike Barrett.

It was unclear where the diary came from, however, historians have now found it did come from Maybrick’s home.

Expert Robert Smith said: “After painstaking research, chiefly by Bruce Robinson, we can now show a trail that leads us directly to Maybrick’s home.”

In 1992, three contractors Arthur Rigby, James Coufopoulos and Eddie Lyons were working in the house of Maybrick when Barrett announced the Ripper book.

All three contractors have denied any involvement in the book, however, Robert Smith has concluded the book is genuine.

“The new and indisputable evidence, that on 9th March 1992, the diary was removed from under the floorboards of the room that had been James Maybrick’s bedroom in 1889, and offered later on the very same day to a London literary agent, overrides any other considerations regarding its authenticity,” Smith said. “It follows that James Maybrick is its most likely author. Was he Jack the Ripper? He now has to be a prime suspect, but the disputes over the Ripper’s identity may well rage for another century at least.”

In 1995 Mark Barrett made a sworn statement that he had falsified the whole thing however withdrew that statement.

Soooooo Fascinating!

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