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MAFS Couple Just Failed To Say They Like Each Other

There is nobody we love more on Married at First Sight than Simon.

But, he is also the most awkward human around.

Just three weeks ago, he was paired up with Alene at the alter and it’s been a whirlwind of… not romance but just a bit of appreciation.

Australia was left shocked last week, when Simon was forced to get his haircut and now, well, we have just seen the most awkward sign of affection ever.

It’s been known since day one, that Simon isn’t one for affection but when forced to tell Alene how he feels tonight… instead of saying ‘I love you’, Simon opted for a ‘’’Ah... Um... Well... OK, ah…’’ before going red and being egged on.

He did end up saying a few words, like, ‘’It's, ah...been really nice over the last couple of weeks. Meeting you at the alter, going on a honeymoon.’’

Cue a huge pause before we got  ‘’And I look forward for yonder days which shall come. And, um...And I'm really enjoying the time that we're spending together.’’

And then he kissed Alene.. but still no I love you.. or even LIKE you.

Just enjoying the time.

Married At First Sight continues tomorrow night at 7:30PM on Channel Nine.


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