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Paris Jackson Fears For The Welfare Of Brother Blanket

Paris Jackson Fears For The Welfare Of Brother Blanket.

 Paris Jackson, 19, has ‘expressed concern’ for the welfare of your 15-year-old brother, Blanket.

It has been revealed that the youngest son of the King of Pop has been living on his own on at the Jackson estate.

Paris learned of Michael Jnr’s living situation and is concerned about her brother’s prolonged separation from his guardians.

After the sudden death of Michael Jackson in 2009, the children were placed under the guardianship of their Uncle Tito Joe and grandmother Katherine.

It is alleged that Katherine underwent medical treatment in London and is no recuperating with her oldest child, Rebbie.

According to reports, Paris is concerned that their Grandmother has not spoken to her grandkids since January. 

Although left to his own devices, it seems that Blanket is doing well – even excelling at school.

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