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Patti Newton Unnerved After Being Targeted By Brazen Thieves

TV personality Patti Newton has had a boot-load of Christmas gifts bought for her children and grandchildren stolen from her car. 

“Nobody was hurt, you’ve got to take the good with the bad I guess,” she said.

“You feel as though it’s awful that someone has been in your car and touched all your things.”

Newton, wife of TV personality Bert Newton, was the victim of a bag snatch at the Chadstone shopping centre on May 16, 2008 where a considerable quantity of cash and jewellery was stolen.

According to The Age, last December, more than 13,000 incidents of thefts occurred, which equates to more than $25 million worth of property – cash, appliances, jewellery, equipment and food.

Assistant Commissioner Tess Walsh said by taking a few easy measures, a lot of pain and annoyance could be averted this Christmas. 

"We want to encourage the community to do all they can to make sure they're making it as hard as possible for these crooks so they don't ruin their Christmas," she said.

Police are warning shoppers to hide Christmas gifts stored in cars. 

Source: The Age


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