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Princess Charlotte Seen Wearing Prince Harry's Hand Me Downs

We love this! Even the royals can be a bit sentimental over old baby hand me downs. 

As the royals tour Europe, Princess Charlotte was seen wearing some very cute red mary janes. 


Turns out, the exact pair were first worn by Prince Harry in 1986 in a photo shoot when he was about to turn two.


Can we all let out a collective 'awwwww'!

The classic style has aged well - with the leather looking only slightly work if not good as new. 


Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are not strangers to recycling some of the clothes from William's youth. 

Prince George has worn outfits that were initially owned by his father, meanwhile, Princess Charlotte was recently seen wearing the same cardigan that George wore to visit his little sister in hospital for the first time. 


We love the subtle nod to the past!

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