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Robert Downey Jr. & Chris Pratt Banter Over Hilarious Meme

Remember when #PrattKeeping officially became a thing last month following the release of Jurassic World?

Well Robert Downey Jr. has jumped on the trend and may just have won the internet with this tweet to Chris Pratt!

Based on the Jurassic World scene in which Pratt takes charge of his Velociraptors, the trend was first picked up by zoo keepers striking the same pose with their own animal friends.

But Downey Jr. decided to take things up a notch, recreating the now famous scene - but with Avengers in place of Velociraptors.

The pic quickly got a lot of love on Twitter with even Chris Pratt admitting that this might be one battle his character would not be able to contain!

Perhaps a Jurassic-Avengers movie could be on the cards...?

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