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The Heartbreaking Reason Behind Nazeem Hussain's IAC Charity

Nazeem Hussain has been a quietly delightful surprise in this year's I'm A Celebrity; the comedian has, time and again, overcome his incredibly weak gag reflex to smash every trial that's been thrown his way.

But, while almost every contestant has had an emotional moment of revelation during their time in the jungle - think Kris Smith opening up about his relationship with ex Dannii Minogue, Steve Price breaking down when handed a letter from his daughter and Casey Donovan talking about her gut-wrenching experience of being catfished - Naz has tended to play the funny man throughout his stint on the show.

Until tonight.

Just before he was voted out on Sunday's show, Naz and his three remaining campmates (Natalie Bassingthwaite, Dane Swan and Casey) near the end of their time on the show, they chatted about the chosen charities each of them is competing to win $100,000 for.

And that's when Naz made a surprising confession about his upbringing - and how it has influenced his decision to support the inTouch Centre.

"My charity is a smaller one," Naz said. "It is based in Melbourne. Domestic violence in Australia is a silent killer; one in three women in Australia experience domestic violence once in their lives.

"As a brother, as a husband, as a son, as an uncle and maybe at some point in the future as a father, I don't want to live in a country where domestic violence is a reality, or has that reality.

"And as someone that came from a family that experienced that, it scars everybody involved. Some people get out of it lucky and are able to bounce back and move forward in their lives, but for most, it is scarring to the soul and it can become intergenerational. 

"As someone who grew up seeing some of that, it would almost be full circle to be able to now help others who have experienced what we experienced growing up."

While Naz didn't go into great detail, the touching moment gave us just another reason to love the funny man who has quickly worked his way into the nation's hearts.

The inTouch Centre is a multi-cultural domestic violence support network, and you can find out more about it here.

If you or someone you know has experience domestic and family violence, please call 1800 732 732 for 24-hour support.

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