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The IAC Favourite Just Got Booted Out!

What the what!? 

All of you thinking Ash Pollard was a favourite to take out I'm A Celebrity get me out of here, well... you were very wrong.

The MKR alum was voted out in spectacular fashion tonight. 

No doubt the loss of Ash will be music for Lisa and Nat's ears - both of whom were adamant to beat the cook in the competition. 

Meanwhile, as Ash left the camp all she could think about was a good serving of spag bol. 

To be honest, that just makes us respect her a little more. 

Earlier in the episode Ash was throwing lies left, right and centre in hope of earning a reward for the camp. 

And while some campmates seemed to believe that Ash 'had dinner with Michael Jackson', 'dated Ryan Gosling before he was famous', was 'stalked by a croissant loving perm family' and 'had two guys get tattoos of a cartoon version of her on their hearts'... we're pretty sure most went along with it in hope that there was a reward coming. 

It's now down to six as we go into the third last episode of I'm A Celeb. 

But who will win? 

Dane? Lisa? Steve? Casey? Nat? Nazeem? 

Who knows! 

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