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The Moment That Brought The Whole I'm A Celeb Camp To Tears

Even in the depths of the African jungle, the I'm A Celebrity contestants deserve to feel special on Valentine's Day - and who else to BRING the love than Bachelor host and all-round hair God Osher Günsberg?

After turning up in a huge crate - yeah we don't know either - and causing chaos during Kris and Casey's Bush Tucker Trial, Osh had a very romantic delivery for the increasingly homesick celebrities, revealing that he had brought love letters from their families with him.

"I am here with messages," Osher said. "It is Valentine's Day and I am here to spread some love."

While the first few messages sent beaming smiles across their recipients faces, it was Ash Pollard and Kris Smith's letters - from her dad and his six-year-old son Ethan respectively - that saw the first of many tears.

But, perhaps most surprisingly, the most emotional reaction came from Steve Price, with a letter from daughter Lucy causing the radio shock jock to break down.

"When you get to my age you realise ... that our children are disappearing because they are leaving home," Steve said through tears. "It is my one regret about being here is my kids are leaving home and not coming back for a while and I am not there."

The genuinely moving moment definitely struck a chord with the rest of the campmates and, as Osher left the camp, the mood was visibly lifted.

But with ex-Bachelor contestant Keira Maguire about to arrive, we can't imagine that'll last very long...

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