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The Project Has Been SLAMMED Following This Big Announcement

Channel Ten current affairs show, The Project has been slammed after the announcement that Waleed Aly and Peter Helliar have been nominated for a Gold Logie.

An industry source has blasted the program saying 'They're a bit of an embarrassment” and that the show is amongst ‘one of the worst-rating shows on TV,'

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, the insider said; 'It is tanking badly and the only time they get any interest is when Waleed does his publicity-grabbing editorialising that lost its zing about a year ago.’

The unnamed sourced added: 'What it shows is Channel 10's publicity department is more interested in getting people nominated for Logies than putting good shows to air.'

According to Daily Mail Australia, a Channel Ten executive has spoken out over the comments saying it was a case of 'sour grapes.'

“Comments about The Project and the Gold Logie nominations for Waleed Aly and Peter Helliar are nothing more than extremely sour grapes from rival networks who are bitter that their shows and talent failed to score nominations,” a spokesperson wrote.

“The Project routinely wins the 7pm to 7.30pm timeslot among people under 55 – which is TEN's core target market – and Waleed and Pete are clearly popular hosts.”

Among Pete and Waleed, other nominees are Jessica Marais, Grant Denyer and Roger Corser.


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