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The Total Weight Loss In The Jungle Will Make Your Jaws Drop

The IAC contestants do it hard in terms of living off rations – predominantly rice and beans – for up to six weeks in the jungle.

But the amount of weight the group has lost collectively is mind blowing.

Of course the producers didn’t give the celebs the number of kilos they lost on a platter.

Each celeb had to guess how many kilos they had lost in the time, and then it was measured against what they actually lost

Who knew Casey, Steve and Dane would all lose 10 kilos or over in just five weeks. 

Celeb: Was – Now = Loss 

Carson: 83kg – 79kg – 4kg

Nat: 58kg – 53kg = 5kg

Dane: 101kg – 87kg = 14kg

Nazeem: 79kg – 70kg = 9kg

Steve: 84kg – 74kg = 10kg

Tegan: 62kg – 59kg = 4kg

Ash: 62kg – 58kg = 4kg

Casey: 149lg – 132kg = 17kg

Lisa: 76kg – 67kg = 9kg

The total weight loss of these nine contestants?


That’s an average of almost 8.5kg each!


With one week to go, we now really understand how hangry those celebs must be and just how amazing that first meal out of the jungle must be!

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