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ANZAC Day: Tex Perkins & Ron Barassi To Perform One Minute’s Silence

Tex Perkins will perform ‘One Minute’s Silence’, a tribute to the ANZACs, at the Melbourne Cricket Ground this Saturday, April 25 for ANZAC Day.

Perkins, along with the Steel Springs and football legend Ron Barassi, recorded the song for ANZAC Day 2015. Ron Barassi provides the spoken word part of the Unknown Solider towards the end of the song with the line “I was once like you, young and free, your future is my history. Lest We Forget”.

The song was written by author Matthew Hardy with musician Richard Gillard. Hardy said, “I recalled how Ron Barassi’s father was a Rat Of Tobruk who died in action. I approached Ron with the song and he was on board at once. He does a lot for Legacy already and was happy to assist… listen to it once the whole way through and tell us you didn’t get goose bumps.”

‘One Minute’s Silence’ was released through Liberation Records and available through iTunes for $2.19. All proceeds will go to Legacy.

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