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Cosmo UK Takes Humanitarian Stand

It's a simple image on the cover of Cosmopolitan UK magazine but it speaks volumes. 

The international women's magazine has made a stand against Britain's honour killings by printing a minimalist photo of a woman trapped on a mocked up cover. 

But it's when the magazine is covered in plastic - as many magazines are at point of sale - that the statement comes to life. 

The mocked up cover (which will not go on sale to the public) acts as an acknowledgement of the 'honour killing' of Shafilea Ahmed, who was suffocated by her parents while her siblings watched.

Cosmo has also joined forces with UK Women's Group 'Karma Nirvana' to give a voice to the cause, after making numerous steps forward earlier this year.

The combined efforts have resulted in a day being set aside in memory of these horrific acts which are happening all to often in the UK, scheduled for July 14.

The cause seems to be gaining attention fast with over 100,000 signatures counted for across two petitions. 

Honour killings have occured predominantly in family situations where women are seen to have brought shame onto the family name through either not adhering to the rules of expectations in regards to morality, marriage, or sexuality. 

According to Cosmopolitan UK, A Henry Jackson Society report found:

  • "The majority of honour killings are carried out on women, by close male family members – although men can be victims, and women have played both active and passive roles in killings and attempted killings.
  • Due to the nature of the issue, the scale of the problem is unknown, but around 29 cases of killings or attempted killings have been reported in the media over the last five years.
  • There is currently a severe lack of awareness among schools, while police forces are failing to properly identify, record, and report 'honour'-based crimes.
  • Raising awareness is a critical step in challenging the problem"

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