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Doctors TURNED AWAY This Child With Chickenpox

A toddler who was turned away from their doctor was rushed to the hospital 48 hours later with the ‘worst case of chickenpox’’ doctors had ever seen.

Jasper Allen, two, spend five days in a hospital with severe chickenpox sores, which covered every inch of his body, became severely infected.

However, just 48 hours earlier, his mum, Sarah Allen, claims he was refused a doctor's appointment because the receptionist didn’t think his condition was severe enough.

Sarah, 36, said ‘When I first called our local GP’s surgery I spoke to the receptionist to make an appointment for Jasper but when I told her it was chickenpox she said to me “every mother thinks their child has bad chickenpox”.

‘I knew I wasn't a neurotic mother – I have two children and have run a nursery and seen hundreds of kids with chickenpox before so I knew this wasn’t normal.

‘They should listen to parents more – we know our babies better than anybody in the world.’

The mum-of-two first noticed the spots on Jasper on July 12 after he developed scarlet fever the week before.

Just the next day, he had ‘hundreds’ of spots but Sarah claimed she was told she was worrying about nothing when she rang up the GP.

The next day, Jaspers temperature continued to rise, so she took him to the emergency ward, where he spent five days on an IV drip and antiviral medication.

The 36-year-old said ‘’‘When Jasper was admitted to a hospital, it was scary but I was also relieved I was being taken seriously, and they were doing something about it.

‘As we were sat in the waiting room waiting for bed I could see this redness in his chest spreading all over him before my eyes.

‘We couldn’t hold him for three days because he screamed every time we touched him.

‘It is worse when it’s your child because all you want is to take the pain away for them, it broke my heart.’

Doctors do not know why Jasper contracted such severe chickenpox, but he is currently undergoing heart scans to ensure there are no lasting effects.

Sarah is now calling for the UK to make the chickenpox vaccination part of the national health services' routine immunisation schedule.

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