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Everything We Know About The Sydney Siege

A 16 hour siege in Sydney's Martin Place came to a head at two this morning.

There is a lot of speculation over what happened, so here's what we know.


One hostage, who has now been identified as Tori Johnson, was fatally shot in the Martin Place siege at around two this morning, while another victim, Katrina Dawson, died in hospital.

The victims of Sydney's Martin Place siege - who were they?

Nine News is reporting 34-year-old Johnson, who lost his life is being hailed as a hero, decided to take action against the hostage-taker in the wee hours of the morning in the Lindt Cafe.

It is being reported he was wrestling gunman Man Haron Monis, when he was executed.


Nine News reports Johnson is one of three people killed when the siege came to a head.

Police have confirmed two hostages and the hostage-taker died, with four others injured during the police operation, which brought the siege at the cafe to an end.

After a burst of gunfire, the hostages were seen fleeing from the cafe just after 2am.

The siege was declared over by 2:45am.

Police have confirmed the 34-year-old man and a 38-year-old woman have died after being taken to hospital.


34-year-old Tori Johnson died at the scene.

38-year-old mother of three, Katrina Dawson, was pronounced dead in hospital, with unconfirmed reports she died of a heart attack.

Two women have also been taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries and another woman is being treated for a gunshot wound to her shoulder.


The gunman was Man Haron Monis.

He held 17 hostages at gun point for 16 hours in the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place from 9:44am yesterday.

50-year-old Monis referred to himsel.f as Sheikh Haron and Mohammad Hassan Manteghi.

He was on bail on a charge of accessory to murder related to the death of his ex-wife, who was allegedly stabbed and set on fire in a stair case of her Sydney apartment in 2013.


Monis was granted bail on the fact that there was not enough evidence to hold him.

Earlier this year, Monis was also charged with over 50 sexaul offences, including the 2002 sexual assault of a woman, which he allegedly carried out under the premise of "spiritual healing".

Since 2008, Australian Muslim leaders have distanced themselves from Monis.

Monis arrived in Australia in 1996 and was granted political asylum.

He first became known to Australia when he was charged with sending offensive letters to the families of fallen Australian soldiers who had died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Monis entered the Lindt Cafe just before 9:44am yesterday morning, armed with a shotgun. He  took up to 20 people hostage - five of who managed to escape yesterday afternoon.


Authorities have started an extensive investigation. They are currently attempting to assess the damage, and they have arranged urgent medical attention for the hostages and police involved.

Martin Place has been cleared of explosives.

Police are not revealing details on what prompted them to storm the cafe, but unconfirmed reports have come through that the hostages took the opportunity to escape as Man Monis begun to fall asleep.

All will revealed as the investigation comes to fruition.

In the meantime, tributes have flowed for the fallen hostages, with people placing flowers around the perimeter of the blocked off area surrounding Martin Place.


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