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Sydney Siege - Rolling Coverage

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Three people are dead after police stormed a Sydney cafe overnight, ending a dramatic 16-hour siege in the city centre.

The dead include the gunman in the Lindt cafe, self-styled Iranian cleric Man Haron Moris.

At about 2.10am on Tuesday a "confrontation" occurred between police and a man who had taken a number of people hostage inside the Lindt cafe at Martin Place in the CBD, NSW Police said in a statement.

Shots were fired.

A 50-year-old man was pronounced dead after being taken to hospital.

Another man, 34, and a woman, 38, were also pronounced dead after being taken to hospital.

Four people were injured, including a woman with a gunshot wound to her shoulder and a male police officer, who suffered a non-life threatening wound to his face from gunshot pellets.

The crisis, which began about 10am (AEDT) on Monday at the popular Lindt cafe, escalated dramatically about 2am on Tuesday when five hostages ran from the cafe.

Minutes later, shots were fired and police stormed the premises.

Paramedics quickly followed with stretchers and ambulances took the most seriously injured to hospitals around the city.

Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said officers had so far accounted for 17 hostages, including the five who escaped on Monday afternoon.

Some had traumatic injuries, some had medical conditions. Six were uninjured.

"We also have a lone gunman who has been shot and killed and we have a male police officer who has been injured as a result of gunshot wounds to the face," Mr Scipione said.

"I have talked to that officer. He is in good condition."

The officer was likely to remain in hospital for some time.

"Not too long, we hope, but he is well and grateful to be alive," Mr Scipione said.



Live coverage courtesy of ABC News 24 Youtube.


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