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Where This Woman Gave Birth Will Leave You So Shocked

Oh. My. God. This is crazy!

A woman has given birth to a bouncing baby boy… while on a busy road… in the car.

Donna Smith, 34, from the UK, delivered her baby while her partner Daniel tried to flag down an ambulance. 

According to the Mirror, the couple had left home for the hospital as Donna was experiencing contractions.

The couple were not concerned that they would run out of time as their two-half-year-old Ruby took 12 hours to come when she was born. 

“We got onto the IDR and the contractions were coming on really strong,” Donna told the Mirror. “I was just looking at the traffic thinking we aren’t going to make it.”

“I pushed through the pain with one leg on the dashboard and he came out and landed on the floor. I was in total and utter shock but picked him up and put him to my chest,” she said.

Mum and bub are said to be doing extremely well, while Dad is still in shock.

Holy moly! What a way to enter into the world.

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