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Cruise1323 Presents Supertramp’s Roger Hodgson

Cruise 1323 Is Proud To Present Supertramp’s Roger Hodgson Live At Bonython Park On Feb 6th.

Known for his incredible vocals and song writing, Hodgson will be mesmerising Adelaide hearts as a part of his mammoth world tour celebrating the 40th anniversary of Supertramp’s legendary rock n’ roll album ‘Breakfast in America’.

‘Breakfast in America’ was the #1 album of 1979 in the Australian charts, holding the top spot for six weeks. This incredible record sold over 20 million copies worldwide and cemented Supertramp as one of the most iconic bands of all time with major hits like: “The Logical Song”, “Breakfast in America” and “Take the Long Way Home”.

This will be a magical night under the stars in Bonython.

Supertramp’s Roger Hodgson live at Bonython Park February 6.  Book at Ticketmaster.

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