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Not feeling well? Dr. Google can now ACTUALLY help…

We’ve all been guilty of freaking out a little over a Google diagnosis.

This is when we’re feeling a little under the weather and we google our symptoms only to have a search result come up that is terrifying!

Web MD is a popular site which comes up in results.  This site can take the symptom of a sore throat, for example, and spit out a diagnosis of anything from Strep Throat to throat Cancer.

However Dr Google is here to fix all of this, it’s aim is to drastically reduce the panic some people experience when they get given unlikely conditions in search results.

With the launch of Symptom Search users will now have access to sites which will have better answers to specific health questions.

Harvard Medical School and the Mayo Clinic are both involved which should immediately give people some peace of mind.

“When you ask Google about symptoms like ‘headache on one side’, we’ll show you a list of related conditions (‘headache,’ ‘migraine,’ ‘tension headache’, ‘cluster headache’, ‘sinusitis’ and ‘common cold’),” product manager Veronica Pinchin said in a blog post.

“For individual symptoms like ‘headache’, we’ll also give you an overview description along with information on self-treatment options and what might warrant a doctor’s visit,” the post said.

Symptom Search will give the most likely diagnoses in a box at the top of the search results however people are being told that it is shouldn’t be used as a substitute for a doctor’s appointment.


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