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10-Year-Old Girl Dies Halfway Down A Water Slide

London Eisenbeis died from her "own excitement" while travelling down a 270-foot Super Loop Slide in Zehnder's Splash Village, Michigan.

The 10-year-old was halfway down the slide when she went into cardiac arrest from an underlying heart condition her parents were unaware of. 

Her mother, Tina, was reportedly on the other side of the waterpark when the event unfolded. She overheard a woman saying someone had drowned, prompting her to run over to the slide to check on London.

"London looked at her dad, gave two thumbs up and smiled, went down the slide and came out in cardiac arrest," her mother said.

"The excitement threw her rhythm," she told The Sun.

Doctors found that she had suffered severe brain damage due to a lack of oxygen following her first cardiac arrest at the water park.

The little girl had undiagnosed Long QT syndrome, which causes serious irregular heart rhythms. 

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Following the tragedy, the Eisenbeis family have all dedicated their time to raising awareness about the importance of heart defibrillators - a device they believe could have saved her life. 

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