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Activists Block Crucial Fire-Fighting Equipment

Environmental protestors have sparked outrage after allegedly tying themselves to machinery that could have been used to fight bushfires. 

Activists from Forest Conservation Victoria tied themselves to six machines owned by a Romsey logging contractor, including two vital bulldozers and a harvester.

Brad Meyer was asked to help fight local fires but couldn't use the machines because of the protesters. 

“I was starting to get a little bit emotional about it because it’s been going on and off for two weeks,” Myer said.

The protester's actions blocked the equipment being used for ten hours. 

Jake McKenzie from FCV defended the group's actions saying, 

"If these contractors weren’t in here, where they’re not supposed to be, logging threatened species habitat then it wouldn’t have been an issue.”

An investigation is now underway, according to Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp. 

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