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ATO Deputy COmmissioner Arrested Following Son's Tax Fraud

Michael Cranston, the Deputy Commissioner for Australian Taxation Office, has allegedly been arrested for abusing his position as a public official in relation to $165 million tax fraud.

This comes after Cranston's son, Adam Cranston, was charged with conspiracy to defraud the Commonwealth.

It was previously believed that Michael Cranston had no knowledge of the illegal activities.

Adam Cranston was part of a fraud syndicate and was one of nine people arrested after the AFP raided his bondi apartment and 26 other properties.

A source speaking to The Daily Telegraph has said, "This investigation has uncovered high-level organised activity; it is complex (and) sophisticated."

It is believed that the syndicate committed fraud by using a payroll company to channel wage payments through a second tier company, resulting in the ATO only receiving a small part of the income tax required.

More as we get it.

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