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BREAKING: Pauline Hanson Rushed To Hospital In Severe Pain

Pauline Hanson has been rushed to hospital

The controversial Queensland senator was taken to hospital on Tuesday morning after feeling "extraordinarily unwell."

'At first, I thought it was a case of food poisoning so I just took it easy,'  she explained.    

But scans revealed she needed an emergency operation to have her appendix removed. 

'Compared to the pain I was in before the surgery, today's pain is a lot less and I plan on being back on my feet tomorrow,'  she wrote on Facebook. 

Her sister Judy Smith confirmed to the media she was unwell:

'No, she's not okay,' she said early on Wednesday afternoon.

It would have made for an interesting chat with doctors after the Senator came under fire by the medical community for spreading misinformation about vaccinations for children. 

Recently, the Senator has come under fire after a media investigation found her party vowed to weaken Australian gun laws in return for money from the National Rifle Association in America. 

Critics slammed the party for "selling out the country's safety" for money and votes. 

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