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One Thing That’s Allegedly Ruining The Glenelg Xmas Pageant

When November comes around, so many of us love to head down to the Glenelg Christmas Pageant to get into the Christmas spirit. 

This year a 'Christmas At The Beach' theme will be STRICTLY enforced for the Glenelg Christmas Pageant after a councillor from Holdfast Bay has accused local businesses of using the event as a cheap advertising opportunity. 

A brand new entry form on the council's website says "All floats MUST be decorated in Christmas or Beach theme"


According to The Advertiser, the stricter enforcement of Christmas spirit comes after councillor Amanda Wilson complained to the CoastCity Weekly Messenger in March that some businesses were using the pageant for cheap advertising, without even as much decoration as balloons.

According to Wilson, one float from an accounting firm in last November’s parade consisted of staff sitting in a car and waving to people on Jetty Rd. Saying, “It was just purely advertising their services.”

“We want kids in the back of boats, kids dancing and dressing up, fairies on horses and dancing fruit; not shameless promotion with zero effort,” says Wilson. 

Do you think they should be cracking down on these local businesses that are allegedly using the event as a cheap advertising opportunity? Tell us in the comments section below. 

Main Image: Stephen Laffer / The Advertiser

Source: The Advertiser

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