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Distressing Images Emerge Of TWENTY Dead Horses Decaying

Following the news that broke on Monday morning that more than 40 dead and dying horses had been found on a property in Melbourne, some sickening images have now emerged.

Bruce Akers, 63, was charged on Monday with 92 counts of animal cruelty and criminal damage after police found the decaying horses on his property in Bulla, north-west of Melbourne.

Detectives found the piles of dead horses at around 3:30PM on Sunday afternoon after neighbours complained of a strange odour in the area.


There were a total of 40 dead horses found, with a further 22 close to being malnourished and dying, the police and the RSPCA are now caring for those horses.

One neighbour said they had been worried for the health of the horses for months before they called the RSPCA.

John McGregor from the RSPCA Victoria said they had, had reports from the public as early as March 22 but the reports did not reflect the extent of the situation.


He said ''We regret that this report did not accurately describe the situation that was uncovered yesterday and that observations from outside the property did not reveal the true extent of what lay within.''

Continuing he added ''This is an appalling situation. It is a tragedy that animals would be left to suffer in this way''.


Akers used to race the horses which last ran in 2011.

According to neighbours he lived alone at the property and had been based there for at least 12 years.

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