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Man Critically Injured In Dog Attack, Bull MastiffX Blamed

A man has sustained life threatening injuries after being bitten by a dog north of Adelaide.

About 7pm on Monday 4 March police and paramedics were called to a residential home on Princess Street at Willaston after report a man had been attacked by a dog.

The 72-year-old man was at a friend’s home when he had a fall and the dog attacked his face and neck.

The victim was airlifted to the Royal Adelaide Hospital where he underwent surgery however his injuries are believed to be life threatening.

The dog responsible for the attack is being reported as a Bull Mastiff cross.

Supporters of Bull Mastiffs have jumped to the breed's defence on social media, suggesting the dog must have been provoked and that the breed is usually like an "overweight baby".

Others have been less forgiving of the dog, with one person appearing to have inside knowledge of a previous attack by the same dog.

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