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High School Brawl Forces Adelaide School Into Lockdown

Willunga High School was forced into lockdown yesterday after police were called in to control a lunchtime fight that got out of control.

A 14-year-old boy was treated for facial injuries following the brawl. The incident involved a group of boys who ranged in age from 14 to 16-years-old.

Police were called to assist the situation when the students became abusive and refused to come inside.

Principal Anthony van Ruiten told The Advertiser the school has been put into an ‘invacuation’ in order to protect the students.

“We had a group of students who were walking around the school that were agitated and had heightened emotions,” he said.

“They were being verbally revolting to teachers. Staff were trying to get them into a place they could de-escalate and calm down, so they could get them back into the classroom.”

Mr van Ruiten said he made the decision to call to police as it was difficult for staff to control the situation as they’re forbidden from touching the students, so unable to force them to follow instructions.

The principal denied rumours one student was armed with a knife but confirmed one had been taken to hospital for minor injuries.

Mr van Ruiten confirmed the students involved had been severely punished, with penalties ranging from suspension “longer term exclusions”.  

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