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Hundreds of Bees Swarm Times Square

It was a case of hold the honey, double the mustard in New York's Times Square.

Police shut part of the area after a thick swarm of bees gathered atop a blue and yellow umbrella over a hotdog cart in an area of Manhattan already buzzing with swarms of pedestrians, tourists and traffic.

A police officer who keeps bees himself, arrived at the scene in Times Square, known as "The Crossroads of the World," wearing a mesh-hooded beekeeper suit. He deployed a vacuum cleaner-like device to collect the bees unharmed, said New York Police Detective Sophia Mason.

The scene drew crowds of tourists taking photographs.

"It took about 45 minutes to suck them up," Mason said. "They are at an undisclosed location. They will rehive them."

No one was injured in the incident, Mason said. 

"The bees just wanted some hot dogs," she added.

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