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Mamas & Papas Strollers Recalled Due To Safety Hazard

Pram specialists Mamas & Papas have announced a huge product recall after discovering that a default in the seat set-up can cause baby to fall OUT of the stroller.

The Armadillo Flip and Armadillo Flip XT are both billed as suitable for children from birth until four years old but, the company warns, when the seat is clicked into the parent-facing position, it can slip and cause the chair to tip backwards.

The problem is believed to lie in a faulty latch system.

"Under certain conditions, when in the parent-facing position, a latch may skip and cause the seatback to tip backwards," the statement reads.

"The seatback tip cannot occur when the infant is in the forward-facing position or where a bassinet attachment is used.

"If the safety harness is not used or is incorrectly used, there is the potential for the infant to fall out of the stroller and be injured."


The Armadillo Flip and Armadillo Flip XT strollers

Anyone who is currently using either of the two faulty strollers in question is advised that they will be contacted, either by letter or by phone, by the company; until then, parents and guardians are advised NOT to use either of the prams on rough terrain in the parent-facing position. 

Use of the safety harness is also strongly recommended.

If not contacted directly, you can call Exquira on 1300 814 557, or email to arrange for the pram to be repaired.

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