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Melbourne Baby Blackmail Victims Scammed AGAIN

The harrowing story of two Melbourne parents blackmailed over photographs of their deceased baby has another horrific twist. 

Jay and Dee Windross lost their daughter Amiyah to a terminal illness last week, and made a public appeal their stolen phone which contained photos of their child.  

They were then blackmailed by Malaysian national Siti Kamal who demanded $1000 for the return of the phone. It turned out she never even had the device. 

Now it's been revealed that a GoFundMe page set-up for them was a scam.

“As if someone pretending to have your phone and trying to extort money from you when not even in possession of the phone isn't enough,” Jay Windross wrote on Facebook.

“Someone is now trying to scam money from the very generous people who plan on pledging their earnings in memory of Amiyah.

“I honestly can't believe the nerve of some people? Seriously had enough of this!"

It has now been removed from the GoFundMe website.

A legitimate GoFundMe page that has raised more than $10,000 remains active.

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