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Police Warn Drivers For Unbelievable Coles Stikeez Incident

Well, that is if you’re dumb enough to do this one thing with the Stikeez toys.

NSW Police have issued a warning to commuters after one driver in the state’s south was caught obstructing their view with the plastic items.

NSW Traffic and Highway Patrol Command pulled the male motorist over last week after noticing that he had stuck dozens of the tiny collectables onto the passenger side of his windscreen.

A spokesperson for NSW police said that they believed the man couldn’t drive safely with them on his windscreen as they obstructed his view of the road.

“He immediately complied and no further action was taken,” the spokesperson said to Yahoo7 News.

The man managed to get off with just a warning this time, but drivers who don’t have a clear view of the road and traffic can be fined up to $337 and lose three demerit points.

NSW Traffic and Highway Patrol Command have taken to Facebook to warn other commuters not to make the same dangerous mistake with their Stikeez.

“It’s always important to have a clear view out of the front windscreen and ’Stickeez’ are not meant for the windscreen,” they wrote.

Dimitri Vlahomitros, an NRMA Road Safety Expert, also said that it’s important for drivers to have a clear view of what’s in front of them at all times.

“Use common sense. Your windscreen is not a display unit. It’s never a good idea to stick or hang anything on the windscreen that will obscure your view,” he said.

“It’s a severe penalty for a good reason. It’s not just cars we’re looking out for on the road, it could be a young child or a dog which may be hard to see.”

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