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NZ Police Dog Gazza Shot Dead In Manhunt

'Gazza', a police dog has been shot and killed after police tried to arrest a wanted man in Porirua.

When police went to a house in Kokiri Crescent on Wednesday morning, the man shot the dog and fled the scene, police say.

An officer was injured while jumping from the second storey of the house during the incident, and a helicopter was sent to provide medical assistance.

The man has since been found deceased and investigations will continue into the incident that lasted two days.

Earlier this month police said they were seeking Te Kira after he removed an electronic monitoring bracelet and fled a bail address in Hawke's Bay.

He was facing 11 charges including dishonesty, driving offences and violent offending.

People at the nearby Waitangirua Health Centre were told to stay inside and keep away from windows.

They could not see anything happening.

"We are just waiting for everything to clear, and we are keeping away from windows," a spokeswoman said.

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