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Parents Of Charlie Gard Have Given Up Legal Battle

Two weeks before his first birthday, the parents of UK baby Charlie Gard, have dropped the legal battle to save his life.

Chris Gard and Connie Yates have been fighting for permission to get Charlie further treatment in the US, however, doctors labelled it “experimental” and said it would lead to further suffering if he took the journey from the UK to the US.

Charlie suffers a rare and fatal mitochondrial disease that leads to brain damage and immobility and believed that if he had sought treatment earlier, he may be able to live.

“There is one simple reason why treatment cannot now go ahead: We are now in July and our poor boy has been left to lie in hospital for months without any treatment while lengthy court battles have been fought,” Chris Gard told the press yesterday. “Had Charlie been given the treatment sooner he would have had the potential to be a normal healthy little boy.”

He also said that “too much time has been wasted” and that the latest MRI and EEG scans show Charlie’s illness has deteriorated “to the point of no return.”

Though he was born healthy, the baby showed signs of the disease at eight weeks old and has been in the hospital ever since.

The couple took the case to court and then the European Court of Human Rights, which were both denied.

Their website, Charlie’s Fight, not only shares their story but aims to improve the lives of other families affected by the disease as well.

(Main photograph courtest of Charlie's Fight #Charliesfight Facebook Page)

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