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THESE Are The Beaches Experts Have URGED You Not To Swim At

Beach weather is finally on the way for South Australia, but swimmers have been warned to stay out of the water at some of Adelaide's most popular beaches.  

Polluted, dirty floodwaters flowing out to sea could pose serious health risks. 

The Environment Protection Authority is warning swimmers to stay out of the water at Henley Beach, West Beach, Glenelg, Christies Beach, Hallett Cove and Moana.

EPA spokesman Chris Metevelis told The Advertiser that stormwater discharges normally subsided in two to three days, but that the current volume of water in city drains could extend this.

A SA Health spokeswoman told The Daily Telegraph that people who swam in discoloured water might be exposed to gastrointestinal illnesses and experience diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting.

Want to stay up to date?  The Environment Protection Authority will notify people when stormwater run-off poses a health risk near beach outlets. Head to their website HERE

Source: Daily Telegraph

Main Image: Corfu

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