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Schapelle Corby To Be Locked Up One Last Time

Arrangements are being made for Schapelle Corby to make her return to Australia.

But if she thought that her trip home from Bali would be quick and simple, she would be VERY wrong.

It has been revealed that the 39-year-old, who has recently finished serving her sentence for drug trafficking, will be held in a detention cell before her flight back to Australia.

This will be the first time that Corby has been behind bars since being released from Kerobokan prison on parole in February 2014.

Ari Budijanto, the Immigration Chief of Nguarah Rai has confirmed that Corby will be given no special treatment and will be treated the same as any other prisoner before leaving Indonesia.

"I guarantee I will detain her waiting for her flight," said Mr Budijanto.

"Who is she? She is a drug trafficker. For me she is an ordinary woman, she is a criminal. Why do you people make her very famous?" he continued.

Since being granted parole, Corby has become used to a certain type of lifestyle, living in a house and frequenting the beach.

This is vastly different to the immigration cells where Corby will be held, which Mr Budijanto says is "not a hotel", and is likely to be a mere three by four metres with a thin mattress as the only furniture.

If that wasn't enough, it is also believed that Corby will be banned for life from returning to Indonesia, where her boyfriend Ben Panangian lives.

"I will make a recommendation to my Director-General to put her on the blacklist for life. The Director-General, I believe, has the same opinion," said Mr Budijanto.

"I don't want my children, my family, my brother, my neighbour becoming a narcotics victim. This is a lesson for everybody who tries to bring narcotics to Indonesia," he continued.

The flight details for Corby's return home are not yet known and so the timings of her release from detainment have not been finalised.

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