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Should Grandparents Have Legal Right To See Their Grandkids?

British MPs are calling for the government to create a law giving grandparents the right to see their grandchildren after a divorce.

They want the Children Act updated to include a child's right to have a relationship with members of their extended family.

The change in law would also cover aunts and uncles wanting to see their nieces and nephews.

Conservative MP Nigel Huddleston said he knew of grandparents who had been accused of harassment and were visited by police after sending birthday cards and Christmas gifts to their grandchildren.

He said: "Divorce and family breakdown can take an emotional toll on all involved, but the family dynamic that is all too often overlooked is that between grandparents and their grandchildren."

"When access to grandchildren is blocked, some grandparents call it a kind of living bereavement."

Former children's minister Tim Loughton said:

"There is unfinished businesses here, with so many control orders themselves being flouted, and no presumption of rights for grandparents," he told the BBC.

"All MPs have completely awful cases in their own constituencies. But there is problems within the judges' lobby who think changing this would interfere with their independence to issue orders."

"Whilst Department for Education staff have often backed the move, there are officials in the Ministry of Justice who do not."

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