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Student From 15 Year Old's Gunman's School Arrested

A Sydney teenager who attends the same school as the 15-year-old Parramatta shooter has been arrested for threatening police after posting his support for the brutal murder on social media.

He is now being questioned at the State Crime Command in Parramatta, where the murder took place on Friday.

As students returned to school on Tuesday after a two-week holiday police questioned one boy about his social media posts.

"During the interaction, police allege the teenager threatened and intimidated police," NSW Police said in a statement.

He was handcuffed and had his belongings emptied on the footpath, the ABC reported.

The boy had posted a news video of the shooting on Facebook with the comment: "Serves you right I hope them lil piggies get shot".

He also posted a video of Commissioner Andrew Scipione addressing the media on Saturday, with the comment: "Yallah merryland (sic) police station is next hope they all burn in hell(sic)".

The boy, who is believed to be 17, last posted a message on Sunday that read: "No justice, no peace, f**k the police".

NSW Police finance department accountant Curtis Cheng, 58, was shot from behind by teenager Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar as he was leaving work for the week on Friday.

The teen continued to fire after Mr Cheng lay dead on Charles Street and was in turn shot dead by police at about 4.35pm.

Jabar, of Iraqi-Kurdish background and born in Iran, and attended Parramatta's Arthur Phillip High School.

Meanwhile, students at the school started the new term with a sombre assembly which addressed Friday's shooting.

"We had an assembly and they spoke about it there," a Year 9 student told AAP.

"Yeah, it's a sad time," the student said.

Counselling has been offered to students and staff.


A teenage boy has been arrested following an incident in Parramatta this morning.Shortly after 8.30am (Tuesday 6...

Posted by NSW Police Force on Monday, 5 October 2015

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