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This One Thing Is Driving Coles' Shoppers Bonkers

Despite Coles putting on a heap more staff to cope with the festive period, it’s a more inanimate object that’s grinding shoppers’ gears. 

In an effort to curb five-finger discounting, large see-through security screens have been installed at the grocery pick-up end of the checkout, forcing shoppers to move around the screen to collect their bags.

The change may seem negligible, but it’s driving people up the wall.

One irate customer posted to Facebook expressed her frustration at having to “lean around” the barrier to get her groceries, suggesting that they had not considered the shopper’s experience.

Coles told The Courier Mail that the screens are “nothing new” and that along with pouring $9 million into providing staff, it means they open more checkouts. 

From now until Christmas Eve, the supermarket says all available checkouts will be open from 10am to 6pm. That means an extra 4100 checkouts will be open nationally, and almost 40,000 extra shifts for staff.

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