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Woolworths Have Made A BIG Decision That Has Made Aus Mad

Australian Avocado Growers say Woolworths customers can expect a poorer quality avocado, after the supermarket made changes to its supplier chain.

Avocados Australia has called out the chain for not consulting with its suppliers after it stopped sourcing locally grown avocados for its Queensland stores, to be replaced by imported New Zealand avocados.

The decision came as local figures show growers could supply around six million avocados a week in September, with harvests up to Chrismas expected to result in 85 million avocados.

"Australian growers are very disappointed Woolworths has stopped sourcing locally grown avocados for most of its Queensland stores already, given the large volumes of Australian fruit that are currently available," said John Tyas, Avocados Australia CEO.

Australian avocado growers produce the fruit all year around, but the country’s supply is always boosted in Spring and Summer with imports from our Kiwi cousins.

"Our real issue is they have just switched over too early to New Zealand fruit, which could potentially lead to a collapse in September. When there is a glut of fruit, it might be cheaper for consumers, but they can end up with poorer quality fruit," he said.

Mr Tyas said growers had been left "really disappointed with the lack of communication from Woolies, in advance of making this decision".

"We just don't know the possible impact at the moment. Hopefully, if the supermarket chains plan their sourcing schedules better from here, we can manage it without a market crash like we had four years ago."

A Woolworths spokesperson said feedback showed the Australian count was by around 40 per cent, which lead to the decision to import earlier.

Hass avocados at Woolworths are currently selling at two for $4, or $2.40 each.

Source; The Age

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