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Kardashians Fight Over Who is More Famous

Who do you think is more famous - Kim or Khloe Kardashian?

The sisters had at it over just this topic in a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, in which their best mates first start the argument - and then they continue it.

Kim’s bestie, Jonathan Cheban, tells Khloe’s partner in crime, Malika Haqq, that she is jealous because his best friend is “more famous”

“That’s not what I said,” Cheban retorts. “I said I got the [upgraded hotel] room because Kim is more famous.”

As the argument continues, Kim takes it a step too far when she tells Khloe and Haqq that they have a “f**king inferiority complex”.

“Oooh, burn!” Khloe responds.

“Maybe that’s why I don’t want to hang out with you.”

Sibling rivalry, indeed!

Khloe recently stripped down to the bare essentials for a saucy photoshoot, looking every bit as amazing as her sister.

Hopefully these two are back to being buddies again very soon.

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