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Sofia Vergara’s Ex Sues Her For Her Embryos

Sofia Vergara is going through a custody battle of a different kind at the moment.

Her ex, Nick Loeb, is taking Vergara to court so that he can keep the fertilised embryos they created through IVF when they were together.

According to, In Touch magazine has obtained court documents that were reportedly filed by Loeb, after it became apparent that he intended to use the fertilised embyros that the couple had created together.

In those documents, Loeb, listed as ‘John Doe’, is seeking a legal ruling that prevents Vergara, listed as ‘Jane Doe’, from destroying the embryos, which they created six months before their split.

Worryingly, the documents also claim that Vergara "was physically and mentally abusive" to Loeb during their relationship.

“She punched him in the face on two occasions, kicked him, and threw her phone at his head. She also routinely bullied him, calling him a ‘loser,’ ‘worthless’ and other degrading names,” says

It has been revealed that while the couple were together, they had used a surrogate twice before but were unsuccessful, which is devastating for Loeb.

“Nick has always wanted to be a father and will do whatever it takes to save these two remaining female embryos,” the source said. “Nick is very emotionally invested in these female embryos because he’s pro-life and believes life begins at conception.”

Awkwardly, Vergara is now engaged to True Blood actor Joe Manganiello and is fighting to have the embryos created with Loeb destroyed.


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