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Cruise 1323’s Mind The Gap

At Cruise 1323, we’ve interviewed some of the biggest names in the world. Famous musicians, infamous movie stars, even that guy who was on that show about that thing!

If you’ve heard them play, seen them on the screen or read about them in the gossip mags, chances are Cruise 1323 has hit the record button and captured their words forever.

The big question is… what did they say?

We’re about to find out, with Cruise 1323’s Mind The Gap! 

Each day we’ll play a celebrity interview with a very special gap in the middle.

If you can identify the missing bit, you could be heading on a sensational, 5 night luxury Fiji holiday thanks to Axis Travel Centre.

Did Superstar X say he hates bananas? Or was it politicians? Or armpit hair?

Listen throughout the day or register below for your chance to play!

Cruise 1323’s Mind The Gap.

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